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Low cost mpeg-2 video production system


An integrated system for real time video capture, compression, decompression and restitution in the MPEG-2 format (audio, video, system), including a PCI add-on board together with Windows drivers and application software, for less than Euro 299 end-user cost. This board build around the MPEG-2 ASIC described in Result 1 will again be extremely competitive in price and offer a remarkable advantage to computer systems manufacturers and integrators. The board is supplied with its Software Development Kit enabling integrators to develop their systems around our technology. Our technology dramatically reduces the overall cost of the MPEG-2 encoding and decoding process for Multimedia systems designers and integrators, thus making MPEG-2 encoding, decoding and editing a truly basic feature of home PC. The market for such MPEG-2 based Video capture board is very large. Knowing that around 100 millions PC have been sold in 1999 and that most of them support sophisticated graphics capabilities, internet access, game rendering and DVD-Video playback, one can clearly identify the sheer size of the emerging video market for Home PC. What is truly needed in this area is an open and flexible system at very low cost for integration into $1000 PCs. And that market is exactly what our board intends to address.
A high performance MPEG-2 & MPEG-1 single chip encoder/decoder for PCI boards in PCs, performing real time capture, compression, decompression and restitution in Full D1 MPEG-2 format with full I, P, B pictures algorithm and motion estimation. Ideal for all MPEG-2 card manufacturers and Video Systems integrators, this new ASIC dramatically enhances the performance of computer video encoding boards while reducing the Bill of Material to a highly competitive level. The highly innovative technological open design of this MPEG ASIC makes it extremely adaptable to the ever changing computing world. Our scalable and flexible architecture make the ASIC easily fit many applications such as Medical , Industrial, Educational, Video Surveillance and Multimedia systems today. Our technology dramatically affect the Price of the product (video board) thus reducing the overall cost of the process of compressing and decompressing high quality video imbedded in computer systems. The openness (described above) of the ASIC is our major strength compared to the current closed technology available today. We believe that the critical success factor for this ASIC technology is to be able to enhance the performance of the process at the same "speed" as the increase in the CPU improvements.
A complete demonstration system, integrating all the above components together with suitable software and Windows drivers, for DVD pre-mastering. The marketable result of the above is a complete package for DVD creation including tools for encoding, editing and authoring DVD-Video. This final commercial package shipping in February 2000 and competitively priced under 299 Euro will bring DVD-Video creation to the home market for the very first time. This Low Cost Complete DVD-Video production technology is a world-first fully integrated solution under a single company brand name. VITEC exclusively sells under license, the DVD authoring software bundled with its MPEG-2 encoding and decoding technology. Our market targets here are the PC assemblers world wide looking for low cost complete DVD Solution as well as OEM manufacturers of self contained DVD-Video solution packages. Our critical Success factors are Price, ease of use and product flexibility and openness. The current barriers with this technology is essentially a pricing one. Our solution directly addresses this issue.

Exploitable results

Introducing the VM2-1 and VM2-2 from VITEC MULTIMEDIA, a revolutionary step forward in MPEG encoding technology. Specifically designed for system integrators, VARs and embedded systems, the VM2 family of MPEG encoders makes low cost, high quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding a reality. The VM2 family is 100% based on VITEC's Award Winning technology and fully benefits from VITEC's newest MPEG compression chip, the VM2000. VITEC has developed this next generation of MPEG compression chip using a revolutionary concept : hybrid technology. The VM2000 utilizes the full potential of your computer's processor, along side it's own powerful coprocessor and software capabilities. This combination results in a cost effective solution with unparalleled scalability. The VM2000 is a direct result of a EU funded project called VIPER. THE VIPER project and its result the VM2 encoder received the IST award in 2001 in Nice as one of the best innovative European technology.