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Developing RTD Potential of INCDIE ICPE-CA in the Field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies


The project aim is to unlock and develop the capacity and research potential at INCDIE ICPE-CA, in the field of renewable energy, mainly Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies (thematic priority in the EC FP7), by developing a high quality and promising research centre for hydrogen and fuel cells (HyFCLab) at INCDIE ICPE-CA, as reference research entity both in Romania and EU’s convergence region. The applied strategy for HyFCLab development is based on an Action Plan, derived from the SWOT analysis and the present involved projects along INCDIE ICPE-CA, related to the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The strategic plan demonstrates the total capability for unlocking and developing the research potential at INCDIE ICPE-CA, in the addressed topic, by the support activities in the present project. INCDIE ICPE-CA, by its HyFCLab is going to have an important participation in the European research cooperation and by its expertised contribution will participate to the improvement of the regional economic level and reinforcement of the the competitiveness in the European Research Area. In this idea, a major infusion of specialized equipments will be done, in correlation with activities for improvement of RDI human resources quality and expertise. The project has a special focus on the experienced research staff recruitment and specialists training by exchange of know-how and experience activities at trans-national level. Facilitating the knowledge transfer, at national, regional and international level, by organizing specialised workshops and conferences, is also under rigurous attention. Increasing the international visibility of INCDIE ICPE-CA and HyFCLab respectively is another issue of the project. This will be realised by focused dissemination activities of the obtained scientific results, short presentations of the project and its results toward public bodies, innovative SMEs and social environment, as well as publications in scientific journals.

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Splaiul Unirii 313 Sector 3
030138 Bucuresti
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 658 000
Administrative Contact
Gimi Aurelian Rimbu (Dr.)