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MOLecular MEDicine Regional Center of EXcellence


The Research Centre for Molecular Medicine of the University of Debrecen, is a recognized centre of excellence in molecular medicine. It represents the highest concentration of biomedical research in the Eastern part of Hungary and the only research institute dedicated to carry out research in the field of molecular medicine in the country. However, the competitiveness and potential of the institute, in spite of considerable progress made, is still yet to be implemented. RCMM lacks sufficient amount of expertise in some very dynamically changing areas and would require further investments to upgrade its technical capacity to fully integrate into ERA and to be competitive in obtaining funding. It would also like to work more effectively for the benefit of the local community. MOLMEDREX is focusing on three key areas: genomics, advanced imaging and academic high throughput screening and is aimed at strengthening the S&T potential, improving human resources, upgrading the research equipment, advancing the visibility and impact, increasing success at applying for EU funding. To achieve these the following coherent set of measures will be implemented: twinning and strategic partnerships with institutions in old Member States, including two-way mobility, recruitment of young and experienced researchers, organization of a set of conferences, workshops and practical courses that will contribute to the mobilization of human resources of the RCMM as well as facilitate exchanges with other institutions, targeted dissemination of scientific information and research results of the RCMM toward the local and European scientific community as well as toward the public, including patient groups As a result RCMM will become a more potent and prepared research center in the Eastern part of Hungary with an improved human and infrastructural capacity to tackle key issues in molecular medicine for the benefit of the population of the region.

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Egyetem Ter 1
4032 Debrecen
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 957 400
Administrative Contact
László Nagy (Prof.)