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Establishing an efficient network for cancer communication in Europe


The lack of efficient communication among cancer health professionals, patients and policy makers remains a significant barrier to collaboration in the EU. Information overload and a very fractionated, exhaustive array of resources, networks and knowledge providers are seriously hindering the translation and implementation of research in Europe. With the constant explosion of data we can expect to face increasingly challenging times for reliable and effective scientific communication. The EU needs to establish an integrated model for a Europe-wide cancer information and policy exchange portal that will provide a functional exchange system for accurate information and intelligence catering to the needs of health professionals, patients and policy makers. Such a model could subsequently be applied to other areas of healthcare. To address this a consortium will conduct an inventory of all existing information tools, their faults and flaws and requirements for the future. This will include the collation of current regulatory requirements and the provision of strategic intelligence on cancer research for policy makers. A review of new technologies to aid the dissemination of information will be completed. The consortium aims to establish a state of the art communications system to connect all those implicated in translation of basic cancer research into clinically testable hypotheses, public health prevention and management strategies, patient information and support activities. The proposed project will have 2 co-ordinators and will involve representatives from a wide range of scientific and management disciplines. Working Parties will have specific Work Packages. A Scientific Committee will coordinate the consortium and will analyse the reports generated to identify common resources to optimize the best way forward, to determine priorities for fast and efficient communication within cancer research in Europe, and to integrate these into a common strategic document.

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