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Conductive characteristics and mass fabrication of nanoscale integrated circuit nanowires

Exploitable results

NANOWIRES investigates the scaled laws of physics applicable to nano sized wires and interconnects. The wires are Au, Ag, Cu and a number of semimetals. The wires are generated by E beam lithography and by micro contact printing. In future electronic devices, the lithography will permit 10-50 nm resolution. This technology calls for new methods of massively parallel generation of patterns. NANOWIRES has investigated the route over micro contact printing, using self-assembled monolayers as resist layer. The NANOWIRES generated are typically of the order 10*10*200 nm. The properties of the wires have been studied by various techniques. The results demonstrated on the Web page show the thinning and breaking of NANOWIRES under current load. The effect of granularity of the metal's wire shape and temperature has been investigated. The influence of constructions with ballistic properties have been tested. The single electron characteristics of individual molecules positioned in the wire gaps have been studied for a number of systems, both theoretically and experimentally. Using scanning probe methods, the manipulation of individual molecules on suitable surfaces has been studied. The target molecules were rigid polyconjugated molecules with restricted conformational flexibility. These molecules have been found to display optimal properties as movable objects. Project URL :