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Innovative Technological platform for Compact and Reliable Electronic integrated in Actuators and Motors


The actual political, environmental and economical trends applied to air transport lead to move in the future to the All Electric Aircraft. The goal of this concept is to eliminate as many hydraulic power sources and complicated circuit of high-pressure hydraulic lines as possible. The CREAM objective is to reach new high performance and reliability capacities of Electro-Mechanical Actuators in hard thermal environmental conditions ready to use in all-electric aircraft. For this global objective, it is planned to develop an advanced, smart, miniaturised and reliable electronic technological platform integrating new compact technologies, advanced components and assembly methods, and new methodology able to substantially improve the drive and control electronic modules and the EMA motors in order to provide: - High power density and compact characteristics of electronics modules integrated in actuators (reduction of 50% of electronic volume and mass) - Advanced new concept of thermal management of the electronic platform allowing higher performances and reliability - High temperature and compact motor for actuators (reduction of 30% of motor volume and mass) - Integration of the new electronic and motor platform in actuator housing and a very severe thermal environment (200°C) providing performing thermal management - Validation of aeronautic reliability in high temperature at least at the same level than existing hydraulic systems, and even better (100000 hours) with health monitoring functionality. Potential impacts of these developments will be a reduction of the operational costs with the reduction of aircraft weight, of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and mainly of cost maintenance by the suppression of all hydraulic systems. For this ambitious challenge, CREAM involves a consortium of 6 industrial partners, 4 research organisations, and 4 high performing SME from 9 different European countries.

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