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Development of dendritic cell-targeted lentivirus vectors for vaccination

Final Activity Report Summary - DC-TARGETED VECTOR (Development of dendritic cell-targeted lentivirus vectors for vaccination)

The objective of this project was to specifically modify dendritic cells using lentivectors to fight against cancer and infectious diseases. Dendritic cells are key controllers of the immune system. They either start the fighting against cancer and pathogens like bacteria and viruses, or they suppress the response against harmless antigens such as polen or commensal bacteria.

In the case of cancer, dendritic cells have to be stimulated to allow the immune system to destroy cancer cells. We have achieved this by including therapeutic genes inside the cells that activate them to direct an immune response against cancer. In the case of allergic diseases, dendritic cells have to be de-activated. We have also achieved dendritic cell deactivation by modifying signals inside the cells.

Summarising, we have developed a successful approach to control dendritic cells to manipulate the immune system, either activating it to fight against cancer, or deactivating it to prevent allergy and autoimmune diseases.