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Effective Field Theory for Loop Quantum Gravity


The objective of this research project is to develop the Loop approach to Quantum Gravity and identify the regime where the dynamics of the theory can be described in terms of a perturbative quantum theory of gravitons on flat space. The project is to be articulated into three main levels of work: (a) investigate the dual picture of quantum geometry proper of Loop Quantum Gravity, identifying semiclassical states peaked on simplicial geometries; (b) compute large scale correlations for spin foam models using a strategy introduced by Rovelli and collaborators in 2006 for extracting the graviton propagator from a background-independent theory; develop a semiclassical perturbation theory for spin foams; (c) derive the effective field theory for spin foams on a semiclassical state; determine the free parameters in the effective theory and identify signatures. Completing this research program would establish Loop Quantum Gravity as a strong candidate for a description of physics at the Planck scale – a description which provides a quantum picture of space-time at such microscopic scale, which is compatible with the present knowledge in quantum field theory and which may predict experimental signatures to be investigated in future.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/mathematics/pure mathematics/geometry
  • /natural sciences/physical sciences/quantum physics/quantum field theory

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Funding Scheme

MC-IEF - Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)


Rue Michel Ange 3
75794 Paris
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Research Organisations
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€ 156 712,58
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Béatrice Saint-Cricq (Ms.)