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Mimo mid-range radar for security applications in mainstream CMOS technology


The event of 11-Sepember incident has changed the face of the world as it was familiar to us. This event indicated the embarking of a new episode in the history of mankind which should have been associated with the security concerns. Although a large assortments of security devices has been put in action to prevent the happening of the world shaking events, however, the static nature of the available equipments has limited their applicability and it has stimulated the development of cheap, accurate, packet size and flexible imaging system which must be capable of serving of a large variety of security applications across the landscape of public services and places e.g. airports, train stations, schools etc. To break this bottleneck, the MiRaMos project pursues 3 novel approaches, for the realization of flexible and inexpensive imaging systems. The first approach shifts the operational frequency to the 60GHz ISM band which enables the downscaling of the imager size, and improves the resolution and the accuracy. The second approach aims the employing of deep submicron CMOS (65 nm) technology which enables the integration of a complete system in silicon, resulting in substantial improvements in cost, size, and reliability. The third strategy combines the top-down approach with the bottom-up approach in order to draw a very realistic scenario of the overall performance. This project offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the existing collaborations between Europe and China in the sensing and imaging technology area. Economically, the project has strong potential to produce intellectual property valuable to the two hosts and other European companies. This will further strengthen the competitiveness of Europe in the forefront of the international sensing and imaging industry. The last but not the least, this project can contribute to an appropriate evaluation of the concerning security scenarios and it definitely helps to create a world with lower security concerns.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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S. (Suzanne) Udo (Ms.)
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