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Polymer coated macroporous ceramic scaffolds for tissue engineering

Final Activity Report Summary - OB CERPOL SCAFFOLDS (Polymer coated macroporous ceramic scaffolds for tissue engineering)

The main objectives of this project were:
* Synthesis of composite scaffolds made of a glass-ceramic material and a biodegradable polymer
* Study of the structural, chemical and mechanical properties of these composite scaffolds
* Study of the biological behaviour of the composite scaffolds

All these three main objectives were accomplished during the Marie Curie fellowship. In these two years, the fellow effectively synthesised, characterised and optimised highly porous composite bioactive scaffolds with interconnected porosity for bone tissue engineering. Since January 2007 our scaffolds are exhibited in the Challenge of Materials Gallery, section "Bioengineering Materials", of the Science Museum of London.

During these two years, the fellow acquired specific knowledge and abilities for developing new synthesis processes for the production of engineered ceramic/polymer composite scaffolds, she improved her knowledge and skills in a range of materials characterisation techniques and she accomplished new experiences in basic cell culture techniques for biological characterisation of biomaterials. Moreover, the fellow improved proficiency in the English language and enhanced her oral and written communication ability and acquired new knowledge in project management, decision making, negotiation skills and ability to make effective presentations. She had an active participation in different national and international conferences, symposiums and workshops, improving her exposure in the biomaterials field and developing new collaborations with different universities and research centres. Some of the main results of the research activity were published in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. Two papers are still in preparation.