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A Novel System for the Production of World's First Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA) Spheres for enabling the EU Electronics Industry to produce smaller electronics goods


There is relentless consumer demand for electronics equipment offering miniaturisation with higher functionality (e.g. cell phones playing music and movies whilst also offering email/SMS/camera functions). The industry is therefore continuously aiming for increases in integrated circuit miniaturization, processor speeds and circuit densities. The resultant increasing numbers of ever finer features on the silicon chip, and the need to electrically connect to them has stretched conventional wired or leaded electronics interconnect technology to its limits. This trend of miniaturisation with higher functionality looks set to continue, requiring fundamental advances in device electrical interconnect and mounting technology. Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) is a key technology that simultaneously addresses the requirements for high density fine feature electrical interconnect and physical attachment of silicon chip devices. BGA is a 2-D array of miniature solder alloy spheres under the silicon chip that provides both electrical connection and mechanical attachment to a mounting socket or circuit board. The small diameter of the solder alloy spheres reduces electrical resistance and capacitance and helps to preserve electrical signal integrity. BGA technology facilitates a reduction in the silicon chip package size, better heat dissipation, and greater module (circuit) densities. Typical mobile phones and laptops contain 3,000 and 6,000 BGAs respectively. These BGAs are inside CPU, RAM, DSP, Memory sticks, Consumer electronic etc. The μBGAS project aims at wider SME companies who are interested in the development of novel production techniques for producing μBGAs of less than 150μm. The μBGAs system is targeted at all electronic product producing SME companies where miniaturisation is a major concern. This includes electronics for aerospace, automotive, mobile phones and laptops.

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