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An EXTRAordinary DAY with Very Normal People


Research as “a profession like any other”: this is the concept at the centre of the entire project. The aim consists of demonstrating that in their ordinary activities and day-to-day work, researchers, such as other professionals, participate in general social and economic development. This will allow researchers to be shown in a more “ordinary” light, free of the mysterious aura that casts the profession as one that is complicated and inaccessible.

To achieve this objective, the research centres involved will be transformed into a kind of virtual workshop in which the general public, particularly young people, as well as the friends and family of the researchers themselves, will be involved in the typical situations of the profession “researcher”.

Children and adults will have the opportunity to understand science by experiencing its day-to-day practices, by frequenting the spaces and places where research is carried out and by coming into contact with its machinery and equipment, but above all by talking to those directly involved.
The public participating will be actively involved in hands-on experiments, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, using also an accessible wording also for non scientists . Each of the venues for the day’s events will plan a “European corner”, providing information on Europe and European interventions in favour of researchers and research.

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Via Santa Croce 77
38122 Trento
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 114 000
Administrative Contact
Umberto Silvestri (Mr.)