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Complementary Organic Semiconductor and Metal Integrated Circuits

Descripción del proyecto

Flexible, organic and large area electronics

COSMIC advances the state-of- the- art of complementary organic circuits, i.e. circuits combining n-type and p-type organic thin film transistors (OTFTs). The project comprises extensive research on technology, circuit design, OTFT modeling and characterization. The technology effort includes material and printing processes co-development (incl. LC polymers) and focuses on large area and highly productive in-line compatible processes. COSMIC's research will strongly contribute to advancement of the scientific knowledge in organic electronics. The use of complementary transistors will enable major breakthroughs in performance and application potential of OTFT circuits.Complementary digital circuits show much lower power consumption and highly improved noise margin, which enables higher circuit complexity, improves fabrication robustness compared to p-type-only circuits and lowers power consumption. These advantages are expected to result in major breakthroughs in performance and fabrication of organic electronics .The availability of complementary devices will also enable the design of analogue circuits using OTFTs, a basically unexplored field at the moment. In COSMIC an analogue to digital converter coupled to a temperature sensor will be demonstrated, showing for the first time the potential of OTFTs in the sensors and actuator market. A silent authentication tag comprising a first organic RF receiver will also be build, to show organic electronics' potential in the field of item-level, secure tracking of goods. Additionally the RF interface will be combined with a sensor application to demonstrate remote sensing in the Smart Objects areaAll COSMIC applications are of direct relevance to the industrial partners within the consortium and demonstrate the capability of organic complementary technology to generate value for the European industry at large.

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CP - Collaborative project (generic)

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Gerhard KLINK Dr.


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