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Bringing the Media Internet to Life

Descripción del proyecto

Networked Media and 3D Internet

3DLife will integrate leading European research groups to create a long-term integration of critical mass for innovation of currently fragmented research addressing media Internet. The main objective of the NoE are:
-To foster the creation of sustainable relationships between existing national research groups and to start development of a Virtual Centre of Excellence in the field.
-To create sufficient momentum by integrating an existing large number of researchers and resources and to push forward new paradigms on 3D media communication and interaction over the Internet.
-To influence European and world research agenda in several key aspects of 3D Media Internet.
3DLife aims at supporting the creation of a Virtual Center of Excellence in Media Internet and conduct cooperative research in the field. To achieve this goal 3DLife will integrate complementary expertise, enable resource optimization and sharing, and foster research in Media Internet technology.3DLife addresses wide, Pan-European integration through dedicated activities aiming at sharing laboratory facilities, technological developments and resources, including people. To ensure this wide cooperation and to guarantee that the targeted integrative research profits from, feeds back into, and fosters links with research groups of the 12 new EU member states, a Pan-European Integration Board will be part of the project. The technical and integration goals will be influenced by two other external and independent Boards of Industrial and Scientific Advisors.

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NoE - Network of Excellence


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