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Platform for Large Area Conformable Electronics by InTegration

Descripción del proyecto

Flexible, organic and large area electronics
Conformable optoelectronic systems e.g smart bandages for phototherapy & renal monitoring and automotive interior lighting

In the PLACE-it project flexible large area electronics technologies such as foil-based electronics and light sources, stretchable and fabric electronics are combined to generate conformable systems with unique properties and technical performance. This is done by analysing, developing and implementing technology for the proper combination of functionalities in foil, stretchable and fabric substrates, resulting in conformable opto-electronic systems. Therefore PLACE-it shall develop:-Integration platform of foil, stretch and fabric technologies with opto-electronic functionality-Foil, stretchable and fabric-based devices for light emission, electronics, sensing and with interfaces to other technology building blocks-Design guidelines to implement the technology platform in a broad range of applications-Demonstrators, i.e. opto-electronic systems, showing the possibilities of the technology platformThe PLACE-it technology enables the realization of systems with unique properties and technical performance through leveraging of the advantages in the combinations of stretchability, drapeability and comfort in combination with dense electronics and large area light sources. Through standardization of interfaces between the substrates, the design space is enlarged, offering the designer more freedom to "fit in" his application. The systems will be completely integrated, offering potentially low cost solutions through cost-efficient manufacturing and installation. All will lead to a gamut of market opportunities, which are demonstrated and validated in the project for two application areas: A high-end application, wearable smart bandages for healthcare purposes offering more comfort and thus better acceptance by customers; and a low cost but high end product demonstrator, conformable interior lighting in cars, airplanes or trains, in any design required by the application.

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CP - Collaborative project (generic)


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