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The role of Versatile Organic Compounds in ATmospheric processes


The research part of this project focuses on the role of organic compounds in atmospheric aerosols and tropospheric ozone, two main factors in Earth's radiative balance and climate. One part of the project proposes an original approach focusing on understa nding the role of organic constituents and their molecular properties on quantities controlling the formation and transformation of aerosol particles in the atmosphere such as Henry's law coefficient, vapor pressure, and surface tension. The results of the se studies will allow projections of the role of organic compounds on the formation of aerosol particles under various conditions, and estimation of their impact on aerosol radiative properties. The second part of this project makes use of a new technique and new instrument recently built by the chair holder to measure for the first time the organic radicals responsible for ozone built-up in the troposphere. Such measurements would represent a major breakthrough in the study of tropospheric ozone. Both dire ctions of research have been opened recently by the chair holder and are pursued by very few research groups in the world, all outside Europe. This project will bring critically missing expertise in atmospheric chemistry to the Depts. of Meteorology, Appli ed Environmental Science, and Environmental Chemistry of Stockholm University, and to regional research networks, while benefiting from their expertise in other fields. The chair holder would communicate her expertise to students and wider audiences throug h lectures, conferences, supervision of PhD and undergraduate students, and publication of her results in the scientific literature. In addition to enhancing research and teaching capacity at the host laboratories and in Europe, this project would import l eading edge expertise to Europe. It would also contribute directly to the area of priority defined in the FP6 of understanding the mechanisms affecting climate and atmospheric ozone.

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