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Magnetic Nanoparticles for Multiplexed Assays for Low and High Molecular Weight Biomarkers


The application for the FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF is to support a move of a postdoctoral researcher to University College Dublin, UCD. The researcher to date has published in 16 peer reviewed journals and has a current h-index of 8. With the expert training and opportunities in place at UCD, the award of the fellowship will build upon the successful start of his academic career and deliver him to a full time academic position. This research proposal outlines a new technique capable of screening biomarkers with the capability of working directly in biological samples. The benefits of monitoring biomarkers lie in their ability to reveal signs of disease before the onset of major symptoms. The proposed technique will involve synthesizing nanoparticles to contain paramagnetic and optical properties, that will then be functionalized with aptamers/ or antibodies. These functionalized particles will capture the biomarkers directly from solution, and in conjunction with non-linear magnetophoretic separation, NLM, will allow the quick separation and detection by exploiting the particles superparamagnetic and optical properties, creating a new diagnostic technology. The experimental details will deliver a single process capable of capturing the analyte as well as performing the initial sample purification and pre-concentration stage that screens multiple biomarkers for several diseases across a wide range of molecular weights and functionalities. It will deliver benefits of being both a multiplexed technique that also offers a highly desirable tagless detection mechanism. The training that accompanies this will ensure the fellow has a broad scientific understanding, crossing several scientific fields delivering an interdisciplinary research approach. When combined with the support infrastructure in place at UCD, will deliver outstanding career enhancement prospects to the applicant, delivering a new diagnostic technique to enhance the European research portfolio.

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