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Molecular reactivity on metal surfaces and clusters : Theory and experiment


The subject is the study of molecular reactivity in the presence of various surfaces and clusters. It is therefore, a multidisciplinary project, which includes both simple microscopic systems and complex structures containing many particles.

The aim is twofold: to understand the mechanisms that control dissociation by analyzing reflected molecules by surfaces and to propose new strategies to design surfaces with specific catalytic properties. Experiments will be performed in parallel, which will provide a direct link between theoretical work and technological aspects that are relevant for future applications.

More specifically, we will study
- the control of catalytic properties by deposition of one or several layers of a metal on a Ru(0001) substrate, and
- the reactivity induced by metal and carbon clusters deposited on a surface.

The results of this study may be useful in others areas of research such as construction of new materials, nanotechnology, microelectrics and heterogeneous catalysis.

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