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Novel genetic engineering approaches for lineage analysis and exploration of Akt function in cortical development


The mammalian cortex, site of our cognitive functions, is a complex three dimensional environment which develops through an elaborated spatiotemporal choreography. A slight imbalance in this process can lead to devastating pathologies such as autistic spectrum disorders. While tremendous progress has been made in understanding early cortical development, several questions remain unanswered: how do minicolumns, the basic functional units of the cortex, establish their complex yet highly stereotyped organization, and what signaling pathways regulate this developmental process. In this proposal, I will use novel transgenic strategies and imaging techniques to address the following aims: 1) to characterize the ontogenesis of functional minicolumns, and 2) to investigate how activity of a key integrator of intracellular signaling pathways, Akt kinase, may influence both cortical cell commitment, migration and final positioning and the subsequent formation of functional minicolumns. To explore those questions, I will use the Brainbow technique, recently developed to drive combinatorial gene expression in a cellular population. First, this strategy will allow me to mark multiple adjacent cortical precursors with distinct labels, and thus track their progeny during minicolumn ontogenesis. Second, I will use the Brainbow approach to study Akt function by modulating its activity in a mosaic manner. To this aim, I will generate a construct able to stochastically express distinct Akt variants, showing either a constitutive action or dominant negative effect. This will allow me to investigate for the first time and in an intact developing brain how variations in the activity level of a kinase protein may differentially impact the lineage of neighboring neural precursors. This work will offer new insights on cortical development and will potentially reveal novel therapeutic targets for neuropsychiatric disorders.

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