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Safe and Efficient Electrical Vehicle

Descripción del proyecto

ICT for the fully electrical vehicle

The idea of intelligent vehicles that cope with safety requirements and adapt their energy needs is a long-term strategy. We have started our work with successive European research projects in the last years by starting with the development of a drive-by-wire platform, but the combustion engine is still a drawback. eFuture wants to prepare the next generation of electric vehicle based on our first prototype by creating a platform which minimises its energy needs but can still optimise dynamically its decision between safety and energy efficiency. Our key issues will be the optimisation of this energy usage and its influence on the vehicle/driver.We have already seen that optimising each component separately is not enough, an overall concept is mandatory to look at the interactions between the components. The strategies to control the actuators will be integrated for safety issues, comfort driving and energy efficiency and the management of the transitions between these controllers. Second ADAS functions will be re-worked to manage these different aspects and a decision unit will base on the proposed time horizon to pre-compensate the transition between modes for energy optimisation. Beside the technical developments, a major aim of the project is to look at the driver who will be confronted with dynamical properties as this energy management will have a high impact on driving.At the end eFuture will be ready with a static (right configuration of components) and a dynamic (software based synchronization of command and execution layer) optimisations. Transitions between different vehicle behaviours (safety, performance, efficiency) will be designed and a strategy set for the priorities in terms of energy needs during requests collision will be developed. In addition the acceptance of the driver to this dynamical behaviour will be investigated.

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