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Customising interfaces through three-dimensional reconstruction of objects in a network environment

Résultats exploitables

CITRONE is conceived as a 3D-Face Digitizing system based on Computer Vision Techniques. Currently, 3D digitizing technologies are based on cumbersome, expensive devices that are not affordable by the common user. This fact has discouraged the use of 3D digitizing in many applications. The CITRONE system however, offers a software only tool capable of providing real-like 3D face models of the user. Once those models are obtained, they can be animated using motion capture data obtained by third party components. The result is a real-like 3D character that is able to talk and perform as close to the original model as current technology allows. One of the key points is the strict requirement imposed to the system so that any user without any kind of special training is able to construct a digitizing session at home. It is also important to notice that CITRONE does not require any hardware device other than the ones commonly available for average users. Digital photo cameras, low cost scanners and frame grabbers are all suitable devices for a successful session. In fact the system only requires from the end user a set of image shots taken from different positions in digital format. Several applications are foreseen for the system: -Customization of characters in games. -Live interactive shows. -Advanced information desks. -Multimedia applications. -Educational titles. CITRONE aims to provide a complete solution to low cost face digitizing. For that reason an Internet trading service has been developed and will be put on-line before the end of the project. The user will be able to purchase his digitized 3D models from home. In that way, the trading service will broaden the scope of possible customers for the system and will contribute to the dissemination and popularity of this technology.