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Intelligent Training Systems in Industrial Environments


The aim of the ITSIE project is to improve the level of training for the operation and maintenance of complex physical systems and potentially hazardous processes through the provision of intelligent training systems.

The main strategic objective of this project is to enhance the current generation of computer-based trainers (CBTs) and simulators for industrial applications through the use of intelligent tutoring systems (in general) and qualitative modelling techniques (in particular).

The main technical objective is to develop a generic architecture for Intelligent Training Systems in Industrial Environments (ITSIE) that allows the domain to be modelled in several ways and presented in the form most appropriate to the user and the task to be learned. The domain modelling consists of both representations of expertise, either in the form of associations or procedures and explicit models of the physical system using numerical and qualitative simulation techniques. The tutor will be represented by a set of primitive instructional strategies reflecting the range of pedagogic approaches to tutoring necessary for the industrial domain. This provides an enhanced architecture for training systems that will greatly extend the capability of current CBTs.

This project will be in two phases. The first will establish the requirements for the demonstrator applications for ITSIES, utilising both qualitative and quantitative models. This will lead to the development of a set of tools to implement the identified modules.

The second phase will develop two working demonstrators to validate and refine the tools:

- a support system for current training practice in safely maintaining and repairing the devices of an electrical distribution network
- the provision of a full range of training in both routine and emergency procedures for fossil fuel power-plant operation.


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