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Study of recyclability of printed or laminated plastic packaging films using supercritical C02 technologies


This project aims to promote the “valuable recycling resource” concept for industrial painted and laminated packages (injected parts and extruded films), nowadays considered as a problem, promoting their recycling in the original application (closed loop cycle) and minimizing the environmental risks and impacts. The CLIPP Recycling System for printed and laminated plastic fraction, will contribute to the post-industrial waste management goal of this new century: the development of intelligent solutions that are technically and environmentally innovative, and economically viable. The project proposal is based on the elimination (90% w/w) and compatibilisation of the paint contaminants in packaging by the synergetic combination of CO2 in super-critical-conditions (sc-CO2) with innovative high performance filters (micro-filters) and suitable coupling agents as a dispersion-aid. The sc-CO2 is a promising technology in the plastic processing industry due to its special properties such as polymer viscosity reduction and dispersion and removal of low molecular weight substances. The advantageous physic-chemical properties of CO2 compared to conventional organic solvents are capacity of mass transfer and more environmentally friendly operation. Three machine configurations will be studied and scale-up using one-step process by combining different types of extruders and devices in order to improve the quality of the pellet, increase remain contaminants dispersion and matrix-filler compatibilization and reduce CO2 foaming problems: 1) A two consecutive single screw extruder (Tandem extrusion process), 2) MRS (Multi Rotation System) and 3) Tandem extruder system with a MACD (Multiple Annular Channel Device). CLIPP process must be suitable for decontaminating the most thermoplastics materials used in the packaging sector (PE, PP , PS and PET).

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