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Bridging the Gap between Europe and India?s Nanotechnology Knowledge Bases towards an understanding of Innovative Support Structures, Training Programmes and Policies

Final Report Summary - EUROINDIANET (Bridging the Gap between Europe and India's Nanotechnology Knowledge Bases towards an understanding of Innovative Support Structures, Training Programmes ...)

The aim of this project was to promote innovation through stronger collaboration between European Union (EU) and Indian scientists, industrialists and policy makers in the areas of the nanosciences and nanotechnologies through activities including:
- a message forum where collaborations between Indian and EU scientists can be established and developed;
- a comprehensive description of current policies, funding strategies, training programmes and support structures for nanotechnology R&D in both India and the EU;
- a report and online database describing key infrastructure and organisations in nanotechnology research and development (R&D);
- a workshop where key stakeholders will determine routes to establishing stronger collaboration between EU and Indian scientists;
- a strategy for the development of a cross-border Technology Platform encompassing research, industry and government.

The EUROINDIANET project held events and produced a number of reports to be disseminated to nanotechnology researchers, industrialists and policy makers for the furthering of nanotechnology research collaboration between these two geographical areas. For this reason, a specific deliverable was defined to tackle dissemination and communication concerning the project. In this deliverable, a communication action plan is defined. The action plan describes the main dissemination activities, the timing, the target audience and the responsibilities of the partners in connection with these activities.

The individual dissemination activities that took place within the duration of the project are summarised as:
- design, production and distribution of a project brochure - 500 copies, printed and distributed among the partnership for dissemination at events;
- preparation of a project website with information related to the project including project objectives, methodology, documents, useful links for EU-India nanotechnology collaboration, message forum and online database online from June 2006;
- press release to announce the website, message forum and workshop (sent to organisations listed in the communication strategy, including for example, daily newspapers in India, a technology portal in India, online Indian information providers, Nanoforum in Europe, MNT Europe, the European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance, international information providers such as Nano-tsunami, Nanotechwire, Nanotechnology Net, Nanotech-now, Smalltimes etc in July 2006).

Further to these activities, the website will continue in operation allowing the database to continue to grow and ensuring the documentation and useful information displayed will remain available. In addition, the exchange of contacts and other activities to continue the interest generated in the project will take place to put into effect the activities recommended in the implementation plan, which aims to build on the work in the EUROINDIANET project to further strengthen collaborative activities between the EU and India in nanotechnology.

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