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Bridging the Gap between Europe and India?s Nanotechnology Knowledge Bases towards an understanding of Innovative Support Structures, Training Programmes and Policies

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India links with Europe on nanoscience

Nanotechnology and nanoscience are emerging fields in India that are witnessing rapid advances. The EU wants to support this technology and benefit from it at the same time.

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India is a rapidly emerging economy and one of the most populous nations in the world with strong industry in many areas. One EU-funded initiative that aimed to take advantage of this is the project 'Bridging the gap between Europe and India's nanotechnology knowledge bases towards an understanding of innovative support structures, training programmes and policies' (Euroindianet). The project fostered collaboration between European and Indian scientists, industrialists and policymakers to further innovation in nanotechnology and nanoscience. It mapped existing policies, funding mechanisms, support structures and available training on nanotechnology in both India and the EU, creating a web-based message forum for exchange as well. These actions were supplemented with an online database on key infrastructure and organisations in research and development related to nanotechnology, in addition to several reports that help facilitate contact in the field. Other initiatives included a workshop to enhance collaboration and a strategy for a cross-border technology platform. Lastly, the project's communication action plan ensured distribution of a brochure to stakeholders and establishment of the website which features project objectives, documents, links for nanotechnology collaboration, a forum and a database. Project partners intended to continue the website and collaborative exchanges beyond the lifespan of the project. By tapping into each others' expertise, India and the EU can benefit greatly from each other in the field of nanoscience.

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