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Tool Suite for Environmental and Economic Aviation Modelling for Policy Analysis


A large set of policy issues in the field of aviation and environment is discussed in ICAO/CAEP and on European level. Currently, the most urgent requirements are the capability of modelling noise, NOx stringencies and greenhouse gases in relation to the Kyoto protocol as well as related agreements together with their respective effects. Careful analysis of the complex interdependencies between air transport activities and environmental or economic effects is needed for the assessment of policies and guidance on a political level.
Thus, integrated modelling capabilities have to be enhanced. In the US, this modelling capability is currently being developed in a multi-million dollar project based upon criteria, assumptions and points of view primarily set by the US. TEAM_Play will create a modelling framework to combine and advance European modelling capabilities in order to support the European perspective in the international policy arena.
TEAM_Play deals with interdependencies and trade-offs between noise, gas emissions, environmental and economic impacts of the air transport sector. The objective of TEAM_Play is to enhance the European modelling capabilities required for policy assessment. These capabilities will be strengthened by creating a common infrastructure allowing for the connection of existing European models (noise, gas emissions, economic and environmental impacts).
This is addressed in WP1 by linking the models to a data warehouse in which all required modelling input and output data are stored.WP2 covers the development of model interfaces which will enable the models to be connected. In addition, an economic impact assessment will be conducted. In WP3, assessment studies using the TEAM_Play Tool Suit will be carried out. In WP4, the dissemination will be carried out and a concept for the durable implementation beyond FP7 funding will be developed.

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