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Tool Suite for Environmental and Economic Aviation Modelling for Policy Analysis

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Modelling tools analyse aviation policy

A sustainable aviation policy is required to meet the demands of a globalised economy and a growing air transport sector. Of particular concern is the economic and environmental impact of such measures.

Climate Change and Environment

Current models used by the International Civil Aviation Organisation - Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO-CAEP) are limited in scope. A flexible holistic integrated modelling framework that can adequately predict interdependencies and assess impact of policy measures on noise, emissions and cost is urgently needed. Such a framework could be applied at ICAO-CAEP and European, national and local levels. The EU-funded project 'Tool suite for environmental and economic aviation modelling for policy analysis' (TEAM_PLAY) was initiated to address this gap. Researchers successfully harmonised data to enhance modelling capabilities using common interfaces, data formatting guidelines and a central database. As a result, relevant data on aviation and environment can now be used for comparisons and scenario assessments to enable informed short-, medium- and long-term policymaking. A key accomplishment is the interconnectivity achieved between existing stand-alone models and the facility to incorporate other relevant models on a needs basis. For the first time ever, a state-of-the-art tool suite has been created in Europe. This modelling framework can adequately and consistently measure the current and future impacts of aviation policies on the economy, air transport system and environment. Moreover, user-defined scenarios can assess the requirements or success level of ongoing or future European research projects in the aeronautics sector. Successful outcomes have led to the planning of a European modelling strategy for the durable implementation of the TEAM_PLAY tool suite. The ANCAT Modelling Interdependencies Task Group (MITG) will work on developing a joint and permanent facility for customisable and up-to-date European aviation environmental modelling. Success would ensure that European competitiveness and influence in the ICAO-CAEP or international aviation policy arena will be considerably enhanced.


Aeronautics, environmental modelling, aviation policy, noise, emissions

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