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Integrated site security for grids


SSeG aims to contribute to the consolidation of the European Grid infrastructure in the field of computer security, by creating and disseminating practical expertise on the deployment of Integrated Site Security (ISS), as a complementary action to EGGE Grid Security. The project audience being the research community at large, ISSeG involves actively six scientific disciplines and its dissemination actions target many others.

ISS is a novel concept developed at CERN, where all Site Security components (technical, administrative, educational) are developed in a coordinated fashion. The ISSeG vision is that Grid Security, which focuses on inter-site security, middleware, and authentication, needs to be complemented by a comprehensive ISS strategy at every centre. The ISSeG consortium comprises three large scientific centres, CERN, CCLRC and FZK and one medium sized enterprise, CSSI, all involved in EGEE.

The project objectives will be achieved by the creation and capture of raw expertise through full-scale ISS deployment at CERN and FZK, and by its dissemination through the provision of applicable recommendations and methodologies for further ISS deployments. The Expertise Creation will comprise a comparative external auditing by CSSI of the centres before and after the deployments. The dissemination will comprise the creation by CCLRC of training and dissemination information base as well as pilot sensitisation events.

The main challenge for ISSeG is the antagonist requirements between the openness of scientific sites and the protection of their mission critical resources, an issue that will concern soon most organizations, scientific or not.

ISSeG is a two-year project. It does not aim to achieve wide-scale ISS generalization - this may be the subject of a second phase - but to create the conditions for it: methods, recommendations, training, all validated by the two deployments.

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