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Study of protein dynamics in living cells after DNA damage


The aim of this project is to analyze dynamics of chromatin-related proteins in living cells after induced DNA damage.
Cells have developed sophisticated mechanisms to overcome damage to DNA resulting in double-strand breaks (DSBs) induced by toxic agents of our environment. Improper repair of DSBs can lead to the development of cancer. Once a cancer has developed, radiation and chemotherapy are used to damage DNA in order to kill the tumor cells. Thus, the information of how cells respond to DNA damage is critical for understanding both the development of cancer and its therapy. We want to contribute to this knowledge by the elucidation of the processes changing the chromatin structure in the DSB vicinity. Chromatin changes represent the fundamental response of the cell to DSB induction that should allow the access of repair proteins to DNA for efficient signaling and repair. It should be found how the chromatin structure is modified, what is the difference in chromatin dynamics in open and compact chromatin compartments and how are all these processes coordinated in time to allow accumulation of repair proteins for full restoration of genome integrity.
The synergy of Czech expertise and the experience of Polish and Russian partners in these areas is a perfect match that will allow further advancements of science. Integration of the newest equipments and technologies together: 3D Microscopy of living cells, FISH technique, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR and Western blotting, ChIP-PCR, ChIP-on-chips, FRAP, FLIP FRET techniques (Czech and Polish partners) and Scanning Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence Microscopy (Russian partners) should give the response to reach the aim of this project.

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