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Biomimetic Membrane Systems

Final Report Summary - BIOMIMEM (Biomimetic Membrane Systems)

Currently biomimetic membrane systems include model lipid monolayers at the soft air/liquid interface, solid-supported lipid bilayers, patterned solid-supported lipid bilayers and polymer-cushioned liposomes. Four partner groups from MPIKG (Germany), ICBMS (France), ICCAS (China) and HIT (China) have focused on these systems and made outstanding progress. Thanks to the support of the BIOMIMEM project, they exchanged their research experiences and knowledge in the field of biomimetic model membrane systems, and carried out joint experiments by means of person exchanges including Ph.D. students, forming an international community working on the biomimetic model membrane systems. By collaborating, the phase behaviour of different model lipid membranes and the mechanism of their interaction with peptides/proteins have further been illustrated, what is helpful to understand biochemical processes related with cell membrane in living organisms, and to design novel nano-bio-devices for drug screening, bio-sensing and bio-detection.