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Biomimetic Membrane Systems


Biological membranes play a central role in the living organization, but it is difficult to study protein-protein and protein-membrane interaction under controlled conditions inside of the living cells. Pioneering works have been carried out, indicating that biomimetic membrane systems such as lipid monolayers, liposomes, solid-supported or polymer-cushioned lipid membranes, can not only serve as biophysical models to study protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions, but also can be used to the design of biosensors and drug carriers. We feel it is extremely timely to form a partnership that combines researchers who have significantly contributed to this topic with the hope that our combined effort will lead a further and deeper understanding of the structure and functions of biological membranes.
The IRSES project BIOMIMEM aims at connecting groups in the Germany (MPIKG), France (Lyon) and China (ICCAS and Harbin) which are working on biomimetic membrane systems. The exchange programme is organized into definite but complimentary 4 work-packages (WPs) that are executed by the combined effort of the above-mentioned 4 partners. This project brings together leading researchers with broad, complementary expertise: from biophysical chemistry, biochemistry, theoretical chemistry, to the more applicable aspects of nanobiotechnology, to form a team with the common goal of understanding the fundamental nature of biological membranes and developing new biosensors and drug carriers. Moreover, it will support and reinforce collaboration among the participants, help to educate young researchers, and help to develop and establish future long-term research collaboration between EU and China.

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