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An advanced electronic commerce environment for bi/trimedi programming, delivery, interaction, co-operation, commercial transaction the broadcasting sector


TRIMEDIA establishes a best business practice pilot for advanced/multidimensional Electronic Commerce (EC) in the European broadcasting industry for TV, radio and Internet. Involving both technological and editorial innovations it combines the creation of a Programming Electronic Commerce environment (PEC), a Business Electronic Commerce environment (BEC), and an Interactive Electronic Commerce Environment (IEC). TRIMEDIA is based on the broad EC definition adopted within ESPRIT where EC is understood as any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges. TRIMEDIA will result in improved shared business processes among European broadcasters. The Programming Electronic Commerce environment (PEC) encompasses the following closely intertwined strands/results: -A model for organising factual content for trimedial delivery/crossmedial production, including an editorial workflow model for generating, editing and archiving multimedia content, validated formats for live and interactive internet broadcasts of events, an corresponding open content concept, and an online production and management system for multimedia content. These results are generic for other content providers/public broadcasters and will result in a better and more efficient use/utilization of content and an improved, time and cost saving cooperation between hitherto separately working departments. -A mobile interactive transmission tool for generating content for multimedial publication which allows for transmitting video and audio signals directly to the internet and simultaneously to other media. The user can document an event while receiving audience reactions. -Extensive ATM-trialling, including development of TransferTool editing software enhanced for WAN-transfer via ATM which allows for transferring media as well as composition data across wide distances and thus for increased distributed production of media products over WAN to result in flexible and cost effective workflows for content creators. The Business Electronic Commerce environment (BEC) results in: Validated concepts for a BEC environment and its generic implementation, including building and integrating on-line communities on the basis of a universal groupware platform for cross-media content management and messaging. This will allow for better promotion of programmes through television, radio, on-line and telephony media and lead to improved provider/customer relations. The IEC is a continuously updated Online news service, offering validated and generic models for integrating given factual content from different sources (TV and radio) for a rich tri-medial presentation on the web, including issues like digital content management, multi-tasking human resources, high-bandwidth video and IPR-questions. This was combined with trialling and implementing new content delivery facilities (mobile services, SMS and WAP, and broadband technologies, ADSL, Broadband Broadcasting/Digital Television).