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"Fabrication of Large Loading Capacity, Stimuli-Responsive and Release-Controlled Drug Delivery Nanodevices"


"The target of the present project is to fabricate large loading capacity, stimuli-responsive drug delivery nanodevices (DDNDs) with potential application in anticancer therapy. The proposed theme is central to People Programme for Career Development framed under FP7 within a research area which is truly at the cutting-edge and which is strongly interdisciplinary (materials, chemistry and nanoengineering). The proposed work falls directly under “The European Strategy for Nanotechnology and the Nanotechnology plan”. In particular, there are two themes under this Action Plan addressed by this proposal, e.g. Health and NMP (Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies). The proposal involves both materials preparation and drug loading/releasing processes. The DDNDs will be made in three steps. Firstly, magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) are prepared. Then a decomposable FeOOH shell will be coated on the NPs. Finally, the above core-shell structures will again be coated by a layer of mesoporous silica forming core-double shell structure. The DDNDs with increased hollow volume will be obtained by the decomposition of the FeOOH inner shell. Thereafter, the drug loading and releasing will be done in two separated steps where the release can be triggered by a stimulus input, e.g. sharp pH change. All structures/devices obtained from these steps will be thoroughly characterised. The evaluation on the delivery efficiency and improvement on the fabrication process parameters will be made according to the characterisation results. In particular, the ‘zero-release’ before the stimuli input, the load maximization per DDND and the sustainability of the release once triggered will be the main aims to be achieved in the project. As fulfilled, all pre-set training objectives will be realised by the knowledge and competencies gained in the project and will definitely benefit to the candidate career development and mobility among the European Research Area."

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Trinity Lane The Old Schools
CB2 1TN Cambridge
United Kingdom

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Renata Schaeffer (Ms.)
EU contribution
€ 209 092,80