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Advanced concentrate treatment for integrated membrane based water reuse systems


"Drought and water scarcity are major global challenges increasingly having a significant impact on countries of the EU. The Commission estimated the economic impacts of drought events in the last 30 last years to be 100 billion € at EU level. In particular Mediterranean countries are heavily affected and now prioritise water reuse. High quality water reuse based on dense membrane treatment is expected to be progressively applied to provide the additional water resources required. However environmental concerns and the high costs associated with membrane concentrate management limit its application, especially in inland locations. ""ACTIWATE - Advanced concentrate treatment for integrated membrane based water reuse systems"" aims at the investigation of integrated RO and NF concentrate treatment concepts with minimized costs and environmental impact. Applying the sustainable Zero Liquid Discharge principle, it combines methods for the removal of bulk and trace organics with a subsequent desalting system based on electrodialysis or forward osmosis to further concentrate the brine and then precipitate the salts or use WAIV for salinity removal. The focus will be on the optimum removal of micropollutants and foulants to allow a complete recycle of the concentrate. The 3-year project will be executed at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia (outgoing host) and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (return host) offering the research fellow excellent opportunities to further develop his scientific skills in cutting edge technologies and analytical methods. Executed in two countries severely hit by recurring droughts and where substantial investment in inland reclamation plants will be made, he will gain first hand knowledge of water reuse and other adaptive measures of the water industry. The research will contribute to the EU Strategic Research Agenda, in a research area that is recognised as being of the highest importance for the EU research community."

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