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Analysis of controllability and control landscapes for quantum systems


The proposed research program is in the field of quantum control. This is a vibrant, actively-growing and highly interdisciplinary branch of science of broad interest to the physics and chemistry communities, with many researchers involved in Europe, the US and worldwide. The project addresses two fundamental topics in quantum control. The first is controllability of Markovian and non-Markovian open quantum systems (i. e., systems interacting with the environment). While controllability properties of Markovian systems have been studied, controllability of non-Markovian systems and of Markovian systems with controls addressing both the system and its local environment remain largely unexplored. The second topic is the analysis of control landscapes for both closed and open quantum systems. The quantum control landscape is defined as the objective as a function of the control field (e.g. a shaped laser pulse). The landscape structure, particularly the existence of traps, determines the difficulty of finding the optimal solutions to the underlying control problem and is therefore of great practical significance. Preliminary results of the researcher A. Pechen and the host D. Tannor show that, in contrast to recent claims in the literature, traps may exist in the dynamical landscape. The project is interdisciplinary and will apply analytical and numerical tools to quantum control problems that are at the forefront of research in physics and chemistry.

The project will be performed in the research group of Prof. Tannor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. It will contribute significantly to European excellence and competition in the field of quantum control through transferring knowledge and research expertise of Dr. A. Pechen (Princeton University) from the US to Europe. The major project goals are to advance the field of quantum control as well as to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation between the US and European researchers.

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