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Dissipation in quantum gases


In the realm of quantum physics dissipation plays a crucial role as it takes place every time a measurement is performed. Indeed the measurement process, while inducing decoherence, provides the coupling between the quantum system and the (classical) environment, allowing energy exchange. Therefore dissipation and decoherence share the same physical origin and they can often be treated as two sides of same coin. The complete understanding of these processes is still missing and one of the most important questions of modern physics. By exploiting the novel technique of electron scanning microscopy on cold atomic samples the IEF project will provide extensive insights and a complete view on dissipation in quantum systems.
This main goal will be achieved by engineering a local dissipative potential for a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. An electronic beam on a trapped BEC will ionize the atoms by electron impact ionization or excite them. The impact between the electrons and the atoms will cause the lost of coherence and the escaping of the latter from the trapping potential.
The researcher is an expert in ultracold bosonic mixtures and the investigations that are the objective of this proposal will allow him to acquire excellent expertise in the pioneering research method of electron scanning microscopy on cold atoms, in which the host is the worldwide leader. The observation of fundamental phenomena, such as the quantum-Zeno effect, the onset of topological excitations, the formation of pattern and chaotic dynamics will help the researcher to obtain scientific maturity and to become a specialist regarding dissipation in quantum gases. This, in combination with the complementary training, will make the IEF project consolidate the fellow’s long-term aim to reach an independent position at a university or research institution in Europe.

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