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Application Information Services for Distributed Computing Environments


Cloud computing is emerging as a major computational platform for business as well as scientific computing. Cloud computing is abstracting traditional reliance on locally available hardware and its configuration into the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) paradigms. In order to realize widespread adoption of cloud computing, consistent (ideally, well-defined) Quality of Service (QoS) needs to be delivered to the end users. Mandated by the cloud providers’ revenue model, cloud customers have to deal with the issue of multitenancy: placing of multiple individual customers on the same compute node. This results in variable performance of jobs executed on the cloud and thus unsatisfactory QoS. There is a need to enable a user to simply and quickly capture, compare, and monitor performance of their jobs within and across cloud computing providers. Extend Application Information Services (AIS) framework to allow individual services to run completely on cloud computing resources. Project will make AIS fully deployable on existing cloud frameworks. Provide a ready-to-deploy AIS distribution. AIS can be integrated into an otherwise existing cloud deployment as a standalone set of services independent of any other machine image or application instance. Perform a runtime analysis of a range of bioinformatics applications from different application categories to validate functionality delivered by AIS. Provide a complete application runtime performance data collection and retrieval solution for cloud computing. The solution easy to deploy, configure, and use by tools and individual users. By allowing individual users to have and easily control their own instances of AIS, any issues regarding data security and sharing are reduced. A user can choose to store any data desired without needing to worry how others might utilize it within a Virtual Organization (VO).

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Karolj Skala (Prof.)
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