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Advanced analytical chemistry for determining metal species and their interactions in environmental and biological systems


The objective of this project is the development of state-of-the-art analytical techniques that will allow for the advanced study of metal species' chemistry and biochemistry in environmental and biological systems.

The analytical methods we propose to develop fall into three categories:
- Tandem Mass Spectrometric Methods for the Characterisation of Unknown Metal Species. A series of advanced tandem mass spectrometric methods will be developed with the objective of providing for the characterisation of novel metal species, mainly those of As, Se, Sb and Ge.
- Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Studying the Interactions of Metal Species with Other Biomolecules, e.g. to probe in vitro interactions between metal species and a range of other biomolecules.
- Metal Speciation in Nanolitre Samples. The objective in this case will be the development of extremely sensitive and selective analytical methods, suitable for conducting metal speciation in a variety of nanolitre samples of environmental and/or biological origin.

This project is expected to contribute significantly to the progress of knowledge in metal speciation research, an area in which the EU is a world leader. In particular the research proposed is expected to provide the analytical tools necessary in order to conduct studies that will improve our understanding of the environmental and biological chemistry of metals, and also improve our fundamental understanding of the electrospray processes as they relate to the analysis of metal species.

The identification of novel metal species will lead to improved understanding of how metal species form and transform within certain systems both abiotic and biotic. Multidisciplinary collaborations will allow for scientists from a wide range of disciplines to expand the usefulness of the analytical techniques developed as part of this project by using them to conduct research in their field of expertise.

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