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Social quality and the changing relationships between work, care and welfare in Europe


The proposed research project explores the relationships between, at the, macro level structural changes labour market, demography and welfare and economic policies and at the micro level changes in individual orientations to work and care. At the macro level we are concerned to measure the quality of society and at the micro level the quality of life and by articulating them assessing Social Quality in Europe.

We would propose to go beyond the existing literature on individual attitudes and welfare regimes to integrate perspectives of gender and care into an analysis that encompasses Europe as a whole, including New Member States. In order to do so we would develop an analytical framework that takes into account the orientation, actions, capabilities and satisfaction of actors with the work and care systems in constructing a work-life balance. The combining of objective and subjective, macro and micro perspectives can best be synthesised under the model of 'Social Quality'. The project would look at the different actors involved in balancing work and care: the household, individuals and the state. The work would be based on the analysis of relevant indicators from existing sources but would be supplemented by qualitative interviews from five countries.

The project would introduce methodological as well as theoretical innovations in the combination of policy analysis, qualitative and quantitative research to understand models of change and hence the development of different European Social Models. Finally, it would contribute to key European issues, providing a better understanding of the impact of social policies on work and care, the effects of the competing demands of work and care on fertility decisions and the consequences of flexibility and working times on the organisation of work, care and welfare.

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