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Scintillation Detectors And New Technologies For Nuclear Security


SCINTILLA aims at building an innovative comprehensive toolbox of devices and best-of-breed technologies for the enhanced detection and identification of difficult to detect radioactive sources and nuclear material:
• Dealing with the challenge of masked and shielded material
• Developing effective solutions, which are reliable, portable / mobile and cost effective
• Finding a reliable replacement for Helium-3, which is the major consumable for today's RPM (Radiation Portal Monitors) devices for neutron detection and has become close to unavailable in the European Union.
SCINTILLA will innovate in two technology areas that offer complementary capabilities for detecting and identifying neutron and gamma addressing different usage contexts:
• Scintillation materials (organic and inorganic) that exhibit fluorescence light when excited by ionizing radiation
• CZT (CdZnTe or Cadmium Zinc Telluride) whose direct band-gap semiconductor capabilities make it adequate for radiation detection and gamma spectrometry.
Furthermore the SCINTILLA Test-bed Service and annual Technology Benchmarks will respectively support and select the technologies; they will be also open to third party developments. The resulting selection of best-of-breed technologies will then be integrated into full prototype devices, which will be ready for assessment in selected usage cases under (close to) real-life conditions. To reflect the different TRL of technologies under development the project will proceed in two stages with usage assessments at midterm and project end.
The SCINTILLA Toolbox will be provided with User Guidelines and a Technology Handbook for integrators. SCINTILLA will also develop and promote communication protocols and standards.
Around the Test-bed and Benchmarks a sustainable SCINTILLA Partnership Network will be built, a worldwide community of technology providers, experts and users around the topic of detection technologies.

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