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Diesel Powerpack for a Light Helicopter Demonstrator


Within the last years the pressure of the European society to improve the environmental performance of aviation has grown significantly. Different approaches have been made to address this problem in a proper manner and especially within the Clean Sky program different projects are planned, which yield in a significant reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Up to now for aviation engines the main technology is based on turbine engine technology. Such turbine engines are light and have a very high power to weight ratio. Unfortunately these engines have high fuel consumption and consequently tremendous high CO2 emissions. Therefore this call asks for a possbile solution using a reciprocating Diesel engine. Whereas these engines are already successful in market in the general aviation fixed wing application this technology has not found the way into the helicopters up to now. The reason can be found by two major items, first the already known reciprocating Diesel aviation engines have not more than 200 kW and second these engines have a power to weight ratio which is far below the existing heilcopter engines.
Both problems are adressed in the presented proposal. The proposal presents an engine which fits perfectly into the power to weight requirement of a helicopter. Within this engine the advantages of high end race technology is combined with the safety needs of aviation engines. Beyond this it is shown that the presented engine technology has the necessary growth protential for future applications.
All together it is shown that the proposed solution presents the achievable optimum under consideration of all constraints required within the Call for Proposal. Furthermore it is obvious that with the presented solution a big step will be done in direction to green technology in the aviation world and moreover the European position in manufacturing and rulemaking would be strengthened in a significant way as well as demonstrating it in flight to the public.

Call for proposal

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