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ECO-design and manufacturing of thermoplastic structural fairings for helicopters


The project aims to design and manufacture three structural fairings for helicopters using thermoplastic composite materials, namely:
- Upper Panel Rear Fuselage Demonstrator;
- Sponson Fairing Demonstrator;
- Radome Demonstrator.
Materials and processes selection and technology guidelines will support the design phase in which tooling and process parameters will be designed and set-up. The three physical demonstrators will be produced and tested according to technical specifications, with a low environmental impact and with a TRL6 Technology Readiness Level. Resistance, induction and ultrasonic welding techniques will be studied in depth in the project for the manufacturing of the joinings required for the demonstrators assembling, and their use will be preferred to mechanical and bonded joinings, in order to decrease the extensive use of adhesives and mechanical fasteners and to make easier the recyclability at components end-life. In order to achieve the most economic design and manufacturing technologies, and in order to evaluate the mechanical performances and to achieve the eco-quotation of the demonstrators, a sound methodology will be used, together with reliable theoretical, numerical and technological instruments. The performances of the three demonstrators will be evaluated trough an extensive experimental campaign, starting from tests on coupons at different conditions up to the final tests on the demonstrators. Moreover the NDI plans for the demonstrators will be developed and executed, and the performances will be evaluated also through the eco-quotation of the components. At last all the actions required for the definition of the certification roadmap will be investigated and outlined.

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Consuelo Sicuro (Ms.)
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