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IM3I+ pushing multimedia research into practice


"IM3I+ focuses on demonstrating and deploying RTD results from the Research for SMEs project ‘IM3I – Immersive Multimedia Interfaces’ (Grant Agreement No. 222267), which concluded successfully in 2010. The consortium of this proposal is composed by three SMEs, which have participated together in IM3I and have proven collaboration, capabilities and the commitment to push forward the achieved results into the market. The main outcome of IM3I is a flexible framework for importing, analysing, annotating, searching and publishing multimedia documents and collections. This framework consists of an easy reconfigurable and adaptable service-oriented back-end for processing multimedia documents and a web-based authoring environment that allows easy publishing of multimedia collections by exposing repository functionality to the interface front-end. The specific objectives of IM3I+ are to:

a) Develop further the IM3I application scenarios into at least 5 industrial showcases based on feasibility studies and an initial market segmentation of the creative content industries
b) Validate each of the showcases in 5 stakeholder meetings with at least 8-10 participants and 15 individual workshops with interested organisations
c) Fine-tune the implementation of the showcases and the resulting market deployment strategies with the help of an industrial advisory board consisting of at least 5 European-wide experts in the creative content industries
d) Spread the word about IM3I+ to the identified target creative content industries via web-based dissemination activities, dissemination to social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), production and distribution of newsletters and appropriate materials.

The expected IM3I+ impact is tremendous both for the participating SMEs and also for the creation of the Single European Digital Market."

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Georgios Ioannidis (Dr.)
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