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IM3I+ pushing multimedia research into practice

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Multimedia revolution

New services to store, search and present multimedia are helping businesses harness their multimedia assets in a more optimal manner.

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Multimedia is playing an ever-growing role in the way we communicate and share information, from education and training to entertainment and social media. The EU-funded IM3I+ (Pushing multimedia research into practice) project worked on taking multimedia into the industrial arena. It built on its predecessor, IM3I, which had successfully developed a new framework for importing, analysing, annotating, searching and publishing multimedia documents and collections. More specifically, IM3I+ introduced IM3I application scenarios in industrial showcases for creative content industries. It consulted with stakeholders to validate these showcases and supported their implementation through better market deployment strategies for creative content industries. To achieve its aim the project team analysed the creative content market and built offerings for each segment after consulting with potential users. It developed a solid commercial offer as a software-as-a-service for mixing and mastering content on a platform called MyMeedia. The latter represents a flexible, easy-to-handle management and publishing system for an organisation's media assets with a powerful media indexing back-end. Besides centralised system administration and configuration, this solution is the easiest way to efficiently provide different instances for a business's potential clients and interested customers. Customisation and adaption for special needs and purposes can be accomplished remotely faster, resulting in the ability to set up more projects at the same time. In a nutshell, the platform helps businesses build a repository for all their content including documents, social streams, media files, and web feeds. It enables them to amplify their messages, automate their website, increase brand awareness, combine social media with newsletters and save their work more efficiently in cyberspace. Significant effort has gone into spreading the word about the platform in order to reach the identified target creative content industries through online means, newsletters and social media. By organising their multimedia more efficiently, organisations can streamline their services and increase their efficiency, supporting a more vibrant and vigorous European economy.


Multimedia, social media, IM3I+, creative content, software as a service

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