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Advanced photonic antenna tools for biosensing and cellular nanoimaging

Descripción del proyecto

Core and disruptive photonic technologies
Advanced photonic antenna tools for biosensing and cellular nanoimaging

Advances in the fields of molecular and cell biology are strongly coupled to the implementation of photonic tools that allow highly-sensitive measurements in living cells at high molecular concentrations and at the nanometre scale. The goal of NANO-VISTA is to exploit novel concepts of photonic antennas to develop a new generation of bionanophotonic tools for ultrasensitive detection, nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy of biomolecules, both in-vitro and in living cells. By taking advantage of the extraordinary field enhancement, directionality and nanofocusing of photonic antennas, our approach will allow single biomolecule detection in ultra-reduced detection volumes, including living cells. The project focuses on three main objectives: a) to pioneer the development of novel photonic antennas for ultrasensitive detection in fluids and simultaneous spatio-temporal superresolution in living cells; b) to develop high-throughput large-scale nanofabrication of photonic antennas fully compatible with life science applications; c) to demonstrate the functionality of the technology for biosensing and transferability into potential market products, and for nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy on living cells. Thus, NANO-VISTA is fully targeted to the development of disruptive photonic technologies fundamental in strategic applications such as medicine and biology. To maximise the chances of success we have chosen for an interdisciplinary, trans-national and multi-institutional partnership (including a SME and a Medical Centre). True European specialists, with long standing expertise in the fields of nanophotonics, photonic antennas, large-scale nanofabrication approaches and nanoimmunologists are concentrated in this proposal strengthening European research cohesion. In the mid-long term we expect that both, cell biologists as well as industrial sectors (biophotonic, microscopy and biotechnology enterprises) will benefit from this new technology

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