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Sonoelectrochemical Technology of Manufacturing a Bioactive Hydroxypatite Coating on Carbon/Carbon Composites


Bone replacement is often required in humans suffering from bone degeneration. Currently the major complication of bone replacement is poor biocompatibility of the implants.

Carbon/carbon composites (C/C) have excellent biocompatibility, good endurance in physiological environment and porosity coupled with a modulus that can be tailored to that of a bone, making it an attractive material in the biomedical applications.

However, the bioinert C/C composites cannot directly produce or induce the bone tissue regeneration. In this case, introduction of some bioactive coating is an effective and convenient way to make these composites bioactive. Calcium phosphate ceramics, such as hydroxyapatite (HA), have been demonstrated to have good biocompatibility and osteo-conductivity.

When the bone implants are used with calcium phosphate coatings, they can combine the mechanical properties of the substrate with the bioactive character of the coating. The main objective of the project is to develop a novel sonoelectrochemic al technology of preparing a bioactive HA coating on the surface of C/C composites.

The technology will be developed using the ultrasonic cavitation effect, which generates instantaneous high temperature and high pressure. The mechanism of HA coating format ion will be studied and the biocompatibility of HA coated carbon/carbon composites will be assessed in vitro.

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