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Measurements, modelling, and forecasting on wireless networks


Mobile devices experience frequent disconnections, packet losses, and delays and wireless infrastructures are unable to successfully support applications with real-time constraints. In general, such environments are extremely complex and the interaction of different layers and technologies creates many situations that cannot be foreseen during the design and testing stages of technology development. This is especially true for wireless networks, which are used for many different purposes, and which are base d on a shared medium that is inherently more vulnerable than its wired counterpart.

The availability of high-quality measurement and modelling studies will produce benchmarks and models that are essential for performing meaningful simulation and performance analysis studies. Only with such efforts, it becomes possible to really understand the performance of the wireless networks and develop wireless networks that are more robust, easier to manage and scale, and able to utilize scarce resources more efficiently. Currently, there is a death of publicly available benchmark datasets of wireless access and client mobility.

In this proposed research, we aim in:
(a) the deployment of test-beds for monitoring and measurements in diverse networking environments,
(b) t he acquisition of extensive real-life wireless traces from these test-beds, and
(c) the analysis of these traces and creation of benchmarks for several aspects of the wireless access with main focus on the traffic load (for clients and network) and user mobility and access patterns.

Mechanisms for better capacity planning and load balancing will drive the measurements and performance analysis studies. Finally, one of our contributions will be a data repository of standardized real-life and synthetic wireless traces, models, and monitoring tools (FORTH repository).

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Vassilika Vouton

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