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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Measurements, modelling, and forecasting on wireless networks

Final Activity Report Summary - FORTHREPOSITORY (Measurements, modelling, and forecasting on wireless networks)

Main technical contributions related to this project:
- A methodology for the statistical modelling of wireless network traffic demand, relying on robust statistical methods to study large-scale phenomena.
- System-wide and wireless access point (AP)-level models of traffic demand. Extensive validation of our models showing their agreement with the measurement data. Comparison with other models that the community has been using and demonstrating significant differences in their performance when compared with our own models and real-life measured data.
- Study on the accuracy versus scalability tradeoffs in the proposed modelling methodology and models.
- Application-based characterisation of wireless traffic demand in different spatio-temporal scales.
- A methodology and algorithms for forecasting the wireless traffic at APs.
- A statistical analysis of the traffic load that exposed the interplay, spatial and temporal dependencies of various parameters and interesting phenomena (e.g. dichotomy of APs based on their uploading and downloading traffic, classification of APs based on client arrivals, popularity of applications).

Main contributions related to this project:
- Maria Papadopouli and Henning Schulzrinne. Peer-to-peer Computing for Mobile Networks: Information Discovery and Dissemination, Springer. Monograph under preparation.
- Two journal, eight conferences, and two poster papers.
- Organisation and co-chairing of four international workshops / conferences.
- Participation in several international scientific events and collaborations with researchers world-wide.
- Generation of one of the largest archive of wireless traces, models, and tools worldwide.
- Several educational activities (e.g. advanced-level undergraduate and graduate courses, student participation and distinction in top conferences).
- Active involvement and mentoring of female students in networks.
- Media and press coverage.

The fellow is an assistant professor at the University of Crete and also leads the mobile computing activity, part of the Networks and Telecommunications Lab at FORTH-ICS. She has been teaching an advanced undergraduate and a graduate level course on wireless networking and mobile computing every year at the University of Crete. The fellow was invited to offer a similar course in the summer school organised at FORTH-ICS. The fellow has been training four PhD students, seven MSc students, and eleven undergraduate students to participate in the proposed research. She has been in the PhD thesis committee of students from the University of Crete, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke, and KTH. The fellow has encouraged several undergraduate and graduate female students to explore research in the area of wireless networks (five female MSc and four undergraduate students have joined her team).

The fellow initiated fruitful synergies and extended existing collaborations with several researchers world-wide: Dr Karagiannis (Microsoft Research), Prof. Shen (University of North Carolina), Kotilainen (Ph.D. student, Jyväskylä University), Dr Karaliopoulos (ETH-Zurich).

The fellow has also invited several researchers worldwide to give a talk at FORTH. During these visits, the team discussed different issues related to the proposed research with the visitor. These include: Dr Spyropoulos (ETH Zurich), Dr Tassiulas, University of Thessaly, Dr Rodriguez (Telefonica Research), Dr Karagiannis (Microsoft Research) Dr Papagiannaki ( Intel Research), Prof. Papadopoulos(Colorado State University), Prof. Hubaux, EPFL, Prof. Ephremides (University of Maryland).

The following senior researchers were invited to give talks at the workshops that the fellow had co-chaired in the context of FORTHRepository: Prof. Kotz (Dartmouth University), Prof. Schulzrinne (Columbia University), Prof. Martonosi (Princeton University), Prof. de Lara, (University of Toronto), Dr Sabharwal (Rice University), Prof. Fragouli (EPFL).