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Intelligent Sensor Network and System Technologies for Fish Farming


Fish farming is likely to be the greatest source of increased fish production, and its share in total food fish supply by 2030 is estimated almost equal to the food fish supply from capture fisheries. Intelligent monitoring and control system for fish farming generates labor and energy savings, limit disease and mortality, and increase yields by continuously monitoring and controlling water quality.

The main objective of SENSORFISH joint research programme is to increase mobility and exchange of researchers between EU countries and China,US to obtain better understanding of intelligent sensor network and system technologies for fish farming. This program will focuses on four areas: 1) Smart Sensors for fish farming; 2) Wireless sensor network for fish farming; 3) Remote control and management system for fish farming; 4) Integration of fish farming system. An intelligent monitoring and control system for fish farming will be pilot used and tested in Norway and China. The results of these contributions will be made available to the academic community, and research conclusions drawn will be published in international journals. In these Staff Exchanges each participant will also seek to share their knowledge within their area of expertise by organizing training seminars, courses for early stage researchers also involving local, regional and/or national management agencies according to their needs or demands.

SENSORFISH programme builds a basis for long-term collaboration among participants and will exploit complementary expertise of the participant organizations and participants in order to create synergies among participants and to establish long-lasting partnership. As multi- and cross-disciplinary studies essential in intelligent sensor network and system technologies for fish farming research are lacking in China, this programme will essentially also work towards an integrated approach for future joint international projects.

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