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Integrated SAfety Benefit Estimation tooL for 2-wheeLErs

Final Report Summary - ISABELLE (Integrated SAfety Benefit Estimation tooL for 2-wheeLErs)

Motorcycle accidents represent a large portion of road fatalities even though the motorcycle fleet is small relative to cars. ISABELLE project targets on the creation of a benefit estimation tool for the assessment of Personal Protective Equipment, vehicle crashworthiness, integrated safety systems as well as traffic safety policies. This assessment tool was made possible with the creation of new building blocks for the more accurate simulation of real accidents that have already happened. These simulations are parametric and it is possible to add into them new PPE, different vehicles or safety systems and find out what would be the outcome of accident that have already happened in the past.
The following building blocks were created during the project:
• An Ambulatory Motion CAPture system that allows capturing the kinematics of the occupant or the rider in real environments.
• More biofidelic rider simulation models were developed with the use of the AMOCAP system on field experiments and experiments performed on the motorcycle simulator.
• Simulation setups with motorcycle crashes were validated against real crash tests.
• The validated simulation setups were used for the simulation of real accidents.
• New vehicles as a bicycle was digitized and introduced to the simulations, since the assessment tool does not focus only on motorcycles.
The above blocks connected with the simulation methodology will be used in future projects for assessment of new devices and vehicles in real accident simulations before building even a prototype.